Mother of two killed in Dayton, Ohio massacre called her kids father after getting shot in the head

Lois Oglesby, one of the people killed in the Dayton, Ohio mass shooting, called her boyfriend during the mass shooting.

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In the final moments of her life, Lois Oglesby, one of the people killed in the Dayton, Ohio mass shooting, mustered up the strength to dial her cell phone to call up her boyfriend and do her final act as a super mom and put her kids first.

“Babe, I just got shot in my head. I need to get to my kids,” Dee Lee, the father of her children recounted in an emotional Facebook post-Sunday.

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As the horrifying details of the Dayton, Ohio massacre unfolded, it was reported that six of the nine victims shot on Sunday was Black, and 27-year-old Oglesby was among them.

Police killed the suspect, 24-year-old Connor Betts in a hail of gunfire after aiming at innocent bystanders on East Fifth Street in Dayton’s Oregon District around 1 a.m. Sunday.

“She was letting me know she loved me and to take care of these kids,” Lee wrote, adding, “I got you babe!!!!! I can’t stop crying!!!!”

“The pain has been gut-wrenching for Lee who shared in another post, that as soon as he opens his eyes, “tears instantly fall.”

“My girls momma gone man!! … Don’t know what to do!!” he wrote on Facebook.

Oglesby was a mom of two, having recently been on maternity leave after delivering her infant. She was also a nursing student.

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“She was a wonderful mother,” her friend, Derasha Merrett, told the Dayton Daily News. “I have cried so much, I can’t cry anymore.”

The Miami Valley Community Action Partnership said it’s collecting donations to help the family with funeral costs. Oglesby’s mom worked at the organization for almost 23 years.

They also want to help assist with “long-term care of the children.”

The shooting marks the 250th mass killing in the US in 2019. Last weekend also saw another mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.