Woman throws pot of hot grease at face of man after alleged break-in

A woman in Alabama fought off a man who entered her home with a pot of hot oil.

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An Alabama woman was in the fight of her life when an armed man broke into her home. But she fought back and wielded a pot of hot grease and scalded the criminal’s face.

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The person on the receiving end of having hot oil thrown in his face was Larondrick Macklin. He suffered severe burns and was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment, according to the Decatur Police Department.

Police responded to a call for a domestic dispute at the 2800-block of Wimberly Drive, Decatur. According to USA Today, Macklin was the “primary aggressor in the altercation,” according to a police statement.

According to Newsweek, Macklin, 31, is the woman’s ex-boyfriend and had a gun.

Police contend that Macklin “entered the victim’s house with a firearm, and the victim defended herself with a pot containing hot grease.”

Police did not confirm how the woman knew Macklin.

“Since the situation was of a domestic nature, we are not at liberty to discuss the relationship between the victim and the suspect at this time,” a police spokeswoman told the outlet.

But she was compelled to defend herself with what was available to her.

Macklin was jailed and charged with first-degree domestic violence and first-degree burglary. He is being held on $300,000 bond.

Police said, “The defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty,” which is kind of an oxymoron given the evidence.

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According to Darley Law LLC, a criminal justice firm: “First-degree domestic violence is a Class A felony, which carries a sentence of life in prison. First-degree domestic violence occurs when the defendant commits either aggravated stalking or first-degree assault.”

We hope this suspect learns from this and get butter, we mean, better.