Teen who says he accidentally killed teen girl in Russian roulette game, remains in jail

(Photo by St. Louis County Police Department via Getty Images)

A teen who was playing a game with a gun is now facing murder charges after he said he accidentally shot a 15-year-old girl in the head.

Nahquil Lovest admitted that the two were playing a Russian Roulette game of sorts with a loaded gun. The game is typically performed by pointing a gun to your head and pulling the trigger in hopes that the one bullet inside doesn’t fire off.

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Lovest, 18, from Pleasantville, said he thought the gun was empty when he aimed it at 15-year-old Naimah Bell and reportedly shot her dead, CBS News reports. On Wednesday, he had a hearing to determine probable cause.

“He acknowledged that he was playing with the gun, he acknowledged that he unloaded the gun. He believed that he had taken all of the bullets out. He had pointed the gun around and was clicking it and it went off,” his defense attorney Alex Settle said.

On July 25, police said a group of about six teens was hanging out and playing with a gun in an empty apartment near the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City.

Police said Lovest thought he removed all the bullets, but one remained. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office doesn’t believe Lovest’s absent-minded narrative.

“What we have is a defendant that was well aware that the gun was loaded. In fact, he was playing with it,” said Seth Levy, the chief assistant for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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“And all the witnesses in the world who say it was an accident because he wasn’t mad at her or didn’t steal from her, doesn’t change the fact that he knew there was a bullet in the gun when he pulled the trigger against her head,” Levy said.

His attorney argues that there was no ill intent.

“After Lovest shot and killed her, he was crying and saying he didn’t mean to do it,” Settle his attorney said.

Lovest remains in jail until trial, a judge ruled.