Towanda Braxton’s ex-landlord files fraud lawsuit against her

Towanda Braxton has filed for bankruptcy but her ex-landlord thinks she should pay him for back rent.

Reality star Towanda Braxton is financially broke according to her recent bankruptcy filing, but her former landlord isn’t buying it and doesn’t want the court to dismiss the $76k she allegedly owes him.

The “Braxton Family Values” star is in a financial tug-of-war with Michael Wagoner who says she’s being dishonest about her bankruptcy filing and has filed a lawsuit claiming fraud.

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In his lawsuit, Wagoner claims that Braxton rented a home from him and defaulted, leaving more than $76,000 in unpaid rent and damages. Braxton included the debt on her Chapter 7 and Wagoner is asking the court not to wipe out what she owes him.

But Braxton fired back and said Wagoner hasn’t proven a compelling case of fraud and she wants her debt to him dismissed in her bankruptcy case.

According to Yahoo, Braxton and Wagoner cut a deal back in September 2018, and she agreed to make payments to settle the debt. But he says she paid only one time. Wagoner said she left the home in shambles with fire damage, knife holes in various walls and the garage door.

Wagoner said Braxton is fraudulently misrepresenting her assets and only filed bankruptcy after he went after her for his money.

He is asking the court to award him punitive damages and not to discharge the debt.

According to The Blast, she also owes her Tamar Braxton $35,000. In April when she filed for bankruptcy, she claimed at the time she only had $150 in her bank account.

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In the court documents reportedly obtained by the site, Towanda Braxton listed $277,650 in assets and a whopping $547,056.39 in liabilities.

Her assets allegedly include the $275k home that she just bought in Georgia, $1,500 in household goods, $1,000 in clothing and $150 in her checking account. Her listed debts include $417,715 to a mortgage company, $76k to her former landlord, $982 to Comcast, over a thousand to collection attorneys, $8,480 to Covenant Christian Academy, $6,211.30 in medical bills, a $35,000 personal loan given to her by her sister Tamar and various other debts.

A decision hasn’t yet been made on the case.