Stacey Abrams beefs up plans for Fair Fight 2020 ‘We have to make certain every eligible American can cast a ballot in 2020’

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams speaks at the 2019 Women's E3 Summit at National Museum Of African American History & Culture on June 13, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)



Stacey Abrams has upgraded plans for her voter’s rights organization Fair Fight 2020 that includes training activists to protect voters against election abuse, intimidation at the polls and interference in next year’s election.

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Abrams and her aide Lauren Groh-Wargo sat down with the AJC to discuss their extended plans to fight against voter suppression in 20 states ahead of the presidential election.

When asked if the Georgia Democrat plans to run against Brian Kemp again for the governor’s seat in 2022, she pivoted and spoke about her passion for helping voters get a fair shot during elections.

“My political future will be determined in the future. But my present and the work that needs to be done before my party chooses the nominee will be focusing on electoral opportunities and fighting voter suppression,” Abrams said.

“We have to make certain that every eligible American can cast a ballot in 2020 – and that work has to start now.”

Abrams said she intends for Fair Fight 2020 to have a hand in ensuring that voter processes are adhered to counter potential attacks by the opposing party.

“We’re going to be operating in 20 states. The goal is to ensure there is infrastructure in every single one of those states. Where voter protection processes aren’t something that wait until September of 2020 but they stay in place for the duration of 2020,” she revealed.

“The goal is going to be for us to have meaningful effects on ensuring that voters know their rights, they have access to ballots, that they will be able to effectively counter what Republicans will be doing. The reality is that we don’t know what the contours of their attacks will be, on top of what’s already in place …

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Abrams said her organization’s work will extend beyond the presidential races.

“This is focused on not simply the presidential election but also the Senate races that are so critical and the down-ballot races that for many states determine who draws the maps for redistricting,” she said.

“My responsibility is to ensure that every American who is eligible to vote has the right to vote in the upcoming elections. Elections are not about politicians. They’re about people having their say. And my responsibility, if I truly believe in this mission, is to focus on that outcome and not any ancillary effect it has on me. If I do my work, I’ve done my job as an American.”