White supremacist group boasts about super small Dallas protests

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A white supremacist rally planned in Dallas fell flat over the weekend with fewer than a dozen protesters taking to the street despite widespread reports a major demonstration was brewing.

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Police were on high alert for potential downtown protests after seeing social media posts.

But videos posted showed less than a dozen people with the hate group American Identity Movement protesting outside the Meyerson Symphony Center and merely a banner being displayed on the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge, The Dallas News reported.

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“The white supremacy movement must be stopped in America,” Dallas County Democratic Party chairwoman Carol Donovan told reporters. “It is contrary to the founding principles of our republic.”

“White nationalist ideology does not belong in our county today and threatens what truly makes our country great,” Collin County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Rawlins said. “Collin County is a diverse and welcoming home for more than a million people.”