Shawntae Garrison
Photo: GoFundMe

A Philadelphia woman has died and her sister is left fighting for her life, after they were both brutally stabbed over an insult made on Instagram.

According to a local CBS affiliate, this week Shawntae Garrison passed away after she was stabbed in her chest, back and the back of her legs, just a few blocks away from her home. Her older sister Tayshawn Layton, was also stabbed numerous times and taken to Temple University Hospital. She is fighting for her life, although her condition is said to be stabilizing.

A relative has since come forward and informed authorities that an argument that erupted over a post made on social media is what led to a 19-year-old woman attacking the siblings late Monday evening, on 29th and Jefferson Streets in Brewery Town, Philadelphia.

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“They had that much nerve to come down here in front of my door and do what they were doing,” said the victims’ grandmother, Georgia Smith, who was sleeping inside the home when the attack took place.

That same evening a nearby business owner took video of a large crowd gathered at 29th and Jefferson Streets. This person has handed over the footage to homicide detectives as they attempt to locate the suspect who may have been in that group.

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“She was a likable girl,” Garrison’s cousin, Judith Smith, recalls of the slain mother of two. “She carried herself beautifully. She took care of her children.

“We are getting some preliminary information that this is a fight that started over social media, but we don’t have the specifics at this time,” explained Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Investigators also have reason to believe that the assailant lives in the same neighborhood and may have had an accomplice.