’60 Minutes Australia’ called racist for segment bashing Megan Markle

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, made her first public appearence at Trooping the Colour, a celebration of the Queen's official birthday. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Australian television newsmagazine 60 Minutes Australia is under fire after airing a special targeting Megan Markle with attacks on everything from her character to her appearance. But the show is being derided as vicious and racist by critics.

Using the hashtag #Megxit, a promo for the episode claimed it planned to examine, “How Meghan Markle lost her sparkle. From adored to insufferable in less than a year. What went wrong for Meghan, and how it affects hubby Harry. Inside a Royal crisis,” the tweet declares, “Can the ghost of Princess Diana save a fairytale?” 

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The British press has heavily scrutinized the Duchess of Sussex since she and Prince Harry went public with their relationship, and one of her biggest critics, far-right commentator Katie Hopkins who is known for her racially tinged commentary seemingly jumped at the opportunity to drag Markle again.

In the clip, the self-proclaimed “Biggest B*tch in Britain” drags Markle because she “is a no one” “wears bad clothes,” and is also allegedly “the biggest hypocrite there is.”

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Not surprisingly, the video immediately sparked a firestorm of outrage from those frustrated with an anti-Megan narrative play out consistently since the royal wedding.

Thursday, actress Mia Farrow spoke up as well tweeting:

Others supported the anger at the segment calling it ‘racist’ and bullying. ‘Wow, jealousy, envy with racism… hope you’re happy with yourself meanwhile the black duchess is busy helping people in need,’ wrote one Twitter user.

Another who had been indifferent about the Duchess wrote: ‘Can’t say I had any particular feeling either way about this woman before now but the way it looks a lot of people are being particularly cruel to her. Real bad look @60Mins, real ugly s***,’ tweeted another.

Even Australian politician Clare O’Neil wrote: ‘For god’s sake just leave the poor woman alone. Why promote such nastiness?’