Tamron Hall gets real about her ‘Today Show’ firing during opening of new talk show

Tamron Hall
Tamron Hall speaks during the #BlogHer18 Creators Summit in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Inquiring minds have waited for the moment Tamron Hall would really open up and spill the tea about her unceremonious exit from NBC’s Today Show.

And on Monday, when her new talk-show debuted on ABC, Hall addressed the situation head-on, The NY Daily News reports

Life After ‘Today’: Tamron Hall gears up to host her own daytime talk show

This time, Hall said she’s “ripping off the mask.” It’s her stage and her time and she didn’t tip-toe around how she ended up fired when Meghan Kelly was given her time slot.

“I go into work one day. I left fired. ‘Demoted’ I guess is what they called it. I called it fired,” Hall said within missing a beat within the first five minutes into her Tamron Hall show.

“Didn’t matter what I looked like on the outside, inside, I was falling apart. I had worked since I was 14,” she explained.

Hall said that when she was fired, she started getting jobs offers trickling in. Among them was a call from Harvey Weinstein before she knew about the explosive rape allegations that have dogged him.

She said she took the meeting to see what would pan out.

“This is before he had been accused of what we now know is playing out on television and now in a courtroom,” she explained.

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However, she said she was inspired to continue pursuing her career after a visit to a domestic violence shelter to help women in need. The trip made her realize, “If they can get up, I can get up.”

Now she’s back in business!

Good for Tamron. We hope the Today Show is taking notes!