For Tamron Hall it’s time to shine.

Hall feels like she’s in the “second prime of her life” as she gears up to host her own TV daytime talk show after her sudden exit from The Today Show.

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Hall was in Chicago promoting her nationally syndicated talk show Tamron Hall which debuts on Monday and opened up about the rising up about her career took an unexpected turn.

More than a year after Tamron Hall parted ways with NBC and the Today Show to make room for Megyn Kelly, the new mom says she’s ready for this next phase, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

“There’s a saying that your rear view mirror is smaller than your front windshield for a reason because looking back should be small. Looking forward should be wide and open,” said Hall. “And that’s how I approach difficult times and the advice I give to people.”

Hall said she was hurt when was replaced by Kelly and offered a lesser position which felt like a step down.

“When your back is against the wall you feel it. And to pretend that you don’t is also damaging,” said Hall. “I had to embrace how hard that was. And of course, I was embarrassed. I thought I was doing a great job!”

“I look back [and see] I had to learn, I had to fail, I had to rise up again, I had to fail again to get to where I am [today].”

Moving forward she said she’s optimistic about what’s to come.

“I need to stand on my own two feet,” said Hall. “If I’m going to create the show that I hope will make people proud, I need to seek the advice of people around the country. The show that the people want is the one I want to create.”

In doing that, Hall doesn’t plan to duplicate  daytime TV giants like Oprah or Phil Donahue. While she admits she’s a student of those icons, she says, “I need to be myself.”

Tamron Hall gives birth to her first child, a baby boy

But the same time, she plans to take a page from what’s already been done.

“There’s nothing wrong with talk, I don’t have to reinvent it,” said Hall. “I’m not inventing an iPhone. I’m not giving us a new technology that never existed before!”

“Now with my son it’s added pressure,” she admits. “… I have sleepless nights like anyone else. But I try to live knowing I’ll be OK no matter how this plays out. It will be OK.”