Viola Davis is proving that age ain’t nothing but a number.

The 54-year-old actress is flaunting good face as the new L’Oréal ambassador and making her own personal history having snagged her first ever beauty contract.

How’s that for grabbing hold of your dreams! With her box office successes on both the small and large screen including her most recently role of Michelle Obama in a proposed Showtime series, the Academy award winner is also a producer and co-partner in JuVee Productions an award winning artist-driven production company.

In announcing her new L’Oréal campaign, Davis admitted to having had low self-esteem for most of her life and now she hopes to breathe life into others who may not feel confident about their appearance, the Daily Mail reports.

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“As someone who is, self-proclaimed, “not a classic beauty”, my ultimate hope is that women out there are inspired by my image.”

Davis opened up about her early years in the entertainment business where she felt the weight of not fitting a certain form of “being pretty.”

“It almost felt like a prerequisite to success,” she said.

“In order to succeed, you had to meet these impossible standards. Now I am much more secure in how I am, but there was a time that I did feel those pressures and succumb to them to a degree,” she admits.

But Davis said she pushed on despite the lag in her career she experienced early on.

“The fact that I didn’t see immediate success in my career in the traditional sense forced me to develop a thick skin, and to rally my sense of self-worth time and time to keep auditioning, getting on stage and honing my craft.”

Still, she said she the rejection contributed to some low points in her life.

“I suffered from low self-esteem all my life, and it still does surface, albeit less frequently,” Davis revealed.

“When I exercise and stay committed to my routine, I really do find that my mental and physical condition is at its best.

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“I feel more confident, healthier and clear-headed. It does wonders for my self-esteem as a result,” she added.

Davis, a mother of one, said she’s “humbled” being a global ambassador for the beauty brand.

“I hope to convey that there is beauty to every age.

“Youthfulness is beauty in its most obvious sense, there’s classical beauty, but with age and experience comes confidence – and there is nothing more beautiful to radiate than that,” she said.