Woman who allegedly wore ‘Scream’ mask during stabbing is arrested

A Chicago woman told her alleged victim "God is making me do this" while she brutally attacked her, leaving her with multiple, nearly fatal wounds

A Chicago woman told her alleged victim "God is making me do this" while she brutally attacked her, leaving her with multiple, nearly fatal wounds

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A Chicago woman who allegedly broke into an apartment and repeatedly stabbed another women while wearing a mask similar to the “Ghostface” disguise in the movie  “Scream” was held without bond Sunday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Friday, Patricia Calhoun-Murdock was arrested nearly two weeks after officials believe she broke into a South Side residence where the victim was dog sitting and was charged with attempted murder, home invasion and residential burglary.

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Associate Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Marubio denied bail, citing the “truly random and violent nature of the crime.”

According to a U.S. Marshals Service report, Chicago police report they had “encountered” Calhoun-Murdock the day after the Sept. 1 attack, and at the time she was in possession of a Kindle reader that was later confirmed to have been stolen from the apartment where the incident took place.

A bizarre, violent ordeal

Assistant State’s Attorney Lorin Jenkins told the judge that the 56-year-old victim was sleeping on the couch when she woke up to find the defendant standing above her in a mask holding a knife.

Even though the woman pleaded for mercy and to be left unscathed, the knife-wielding attacker simply responded, “God is making me do this,” and then began stabbing the victim repeatedly.

What makes this case even more peculiar is that after the gruesome attack, the assailant didn’t flee and instead went to the bathroom and took a shower. When she was done she then went to the kitchen, where she ate breakfast and watched TV. The victim tried to pretend she was dead, but Calhoun-Murdoch informed her, “I can still hear you breathing.”

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When the victim’s daughter-in-law eventually showed up to the residence, the victim told her to leave the apartment and call 911, which she did. At that point the attacker began to pummel the stabbing victim with a bat, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone, then fled herself.

The victim was rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition, where she was treated for 39 stab wounds to her face, neck, stomach and skull. Her throat was also slit in two places, her heart was punctured and she had a broken right arm as well.

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The assailant was identified because she left a cellphone behind which was in a case that contained her driver’s license. She also left her wallet with documents that included her name.

After her arrest, Jenkins said Calhoun-Murdock made “admissions consistent with the victim’s account of the incident.” Even though this is her first arrest she informed law enforcement that she had “mental health concerns.”