Khaseen Morris, 16, was the victim of a stab wound to the chest, which turned fatal as 50-plus teens stood by and watched instead of attempting to help him during a brawl at a strip mall in Long Island, N.Y.

The fight, which occurred in Long Island’s Oceanside community, was recorded and shared on social media, allowing police authorities to estimate the number of teens who watched or participated, according to The New York Times. He attended Oceanside High School.

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For those who watched, they also observed Morris laying on the concrete bleeding, as seen in a video that circulated Snapchat and additional social media applications.

Khaseen died Monday night at an area hospital, just a month ahead of his 17th birthday, according to Buzzfeed News.

“Kids stood here and didn’t help Khaseen — they would rather video this event. They videoed his death instead of helping him,” Nassau County Police Department Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said at a press conference. “Your friends are dying while you’re standing there and videoing it. That’s egregious.”

Police have had the assistance of some of the teens in identifying suspects. Also circulating online is the name and face of a teen who is believed to have had a role in the stabbing, which is not confirmed by police.

Khaseen sister, Keyanna Morris, 30, refers to her brother as the baby of four and detailed his love for music, animé, and skateboarding. She also spoke glowingly of his loving spirit.

“Khaseen was loved by everyone and literally loved everyone,” Keyanna Morris, writes BuzzFeed. “He always said he would change the world. He wanted the world to be so much better than it was. Didn’t matter if you were black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, he loved every color.”

Keyanna also detailed her family just relocated to Oceanside and Khaseen was excited to start over at a new school and already began to make friends in just a short 10-day span.

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The brawl reportedly sparked over a girl Khaseen walked home after a party so she didn’t have to do so alone. Keyanna states her brother would then receive threats from the girl’s ex-boyfriend stating he wanted to fight Khaseen. She states her brother believed in protecting himself but not instigating a fight.

Keyanna would also detail how hard it has been for the video to appear online. Her coworkers and community members have reported it as it surfaces, ensuring it stays down.

“Everyone reached out and said how much he changed the school with how positive he was — no one could be down or depressed around him,” she said.

The death resonated at his high school, and grief counselors were made available for students, and staff,  The Times writes..

“These kids even said they want to change, and they want to put their phones down now and actually help,” Morris said.