R. Kelly: Judge denies friend’s effort to recoup $100,000 bail–for now

“Why is it such a big deal? He’s already locked up,” Valencia Love told a news outlet. “Why can’t the bail money be returned?”

R&B singer R. Kelly covers his mouth as he speaks to members of his entourage as he leaves the Leighton Criminal Courts Building (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The woman who came to R. Kelly’s rescue and posted up $100,000 so he could make bail, can’t get her cash back after he was re-arrested for additional charges.

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Valencia Love’s legal team on Friday filed a motion asking for the money to be returned. But a Cook County judge ruled Tuesday that the $100,000 she posted for Kelly’s release in February will stay on the books for now, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Love hates the fact that she’s temporarily out of six figures. Kelly was released for jail for about four months thanks to Love’s bail money but he ended up back in slammer on federal sexual abuse charges.

Love’s attorney, John Collins argued that when Love posted the money she had no knowledge of the federal investigations in New York or Chicago that he is faced with. And because Kelly is being held without bond on his new cases, Collins said Love should be given her money back.

Judge Collins denied the motion. Love will likely eventually get her money back at the end of Kelly’s cases.

“She’s worried she’s in jeopardy of losing that money,” Collins said in court.

“Why is it such a big deal? He’s already locked up,” Love said. “Why can’t the bail money be returned?”

Love told the outlet that she still supports Kelly.

“At no point have I ever supported a pedophile,” Love said. “He has not been convicted yet. Why is it so bad that I did a favor for a friend?”

Love also admitted to fronting Kelly $50,000 in March to pay child support

So who wants to tell her this isn’t a good investment?

Kelly might have Love’s support and love but his attorney Steve Greenberg alluded to the fact that if Kelly didn’t have money to pay his attorneys, he would not represent the singer.

“I can assure you that we’re not working, hoping that at the end of the case we’re getting bond money,” Greenberg said.

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Kelly is locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Downtown Chicago, pending his trial.

The embattled singer faces 18 counts in federal indictments on various sex crimes in Chicago and Brooklyn. He faces 195 years for the Chicago case alone.