Bad Boy’s Diddy was being a good guy when he made it rain on strippers at Atlanta’s infamous Magic City club.

T.I. swiftly shuts down Candace Owens as she tries to defend MAGA influence during panel at Revolt Summit

And then Brother Love took his cash money and spread the love outside of the club when he passed out loads of cash to onlookers Saturday night, TMZ reports.

The hip-hop mogul was in town for his Revolt conference and after a hard day it appears he came to play and he reportedly brought along his new boo Lori Harvey too.

Inside the club, Diddy stood on cash covered floor along with his friends Jermaine Dupri, Mack Wilds and Jim Jones. Diddy also reportedly had his son Justin Combs by his side too who was rumored to have previously had a relationship with him.

After an exhausting night of cash throwing and flowing, Diddy dipped out in a Bentley with Harvey in tow in a Rolls Royce.

Must be nice.

Revolting Against Candace Owens

This past weekend, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt Summit not only took over Atlanta, but also social media after an explosive moment between T.I. and Trump supporter, Candace Owens.

The two, along with rapper/activist Killer Mike and more were involved in a panel discussing the Black agenda, voting, and President Trump, moderated by Jeff Johnson. The conversation shifted to the racial tensions in America and how the “Make America Great Again” slogan has aided the issue.

“When you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ which period are we talking about?,” Tip asked Owens. “The period when women couldn’t vote, the period when we were hanging from trees, or the crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?”

Black conservative Candace Owens lashes out at critics of her Hitler statements

Owens attempted to attribute the slogan to Ronald Reagan, which T.I.  asked if it was generated during the crack era. Owens was unable to answer T.I.’s question and even attempted to deflect by stating America was one of the first nations to free slaves and adopt the practice from elsewhere, which received a litany of boos.

Girl, bye.