Shaquille O'Neal is making it known that he has a thing for Rocsi Diaz. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images and Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Fashion Nova)

Hoops legend Shaquille O’Neal has built his career on shooting shots that don’t miss, but he may have just met one basket he just can’t conquer.

The NBA legend was on on E! News Daily Pop show on Thursday to promote his new line of clothing for big and tall men inspired by all the times he had difficulties finding a suit or something else to wear.

“I always saw that the big guys had the options that were very bland,” said O’Neal during the interview. “Big guys don’t have a lot of sexy options.

Well saying that was all the prompting O’Neal needed. Once E! News Daily Pop co-host Carissa Culiner asked him to flaunt his modeling skills and share a “little flirty fun” modeling look for the viewers, O’Neal couldn’t help himself but oblige.

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Raising his eyebrows, staring straight at co-host, Rocsi Diaz, Shaq mouthed “call me” to as he held an air telephone to his ear.

Diaz erupted into laughter. “I’m lost,” she said, then asking Shaq to demonstrate a “sad and pouty” look.

Shaq jumped at the opportunity to follow up, saying, “I could never be sad and pouty with you sitting there.”

He added, “She’s always in my DMs — I just want you to know that.”

“Oh my God,” Diaz responded. “Let’s tell the truth.”

That prompted O’Neal to take the joke even further, telling Culiner that he couldn’t share some of the things Diaz has said to him.

“You now what she says?,” O’Neal said to Culiner. “She says, ‘Even though I’m Spanish, you know I like that chocolate, for real.’ ”


Diaz set the record straight for viewers, explaining that she messaged O’Neal ahead of time to let him know that she would be interviewing him and she wanted him to make her “look good.”

O’Neal corrected Diaz’s claim, saying, “You did not tell me that,” adding that Diaz owed him a date for not being clear about what was going to happen on the show.

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O’Neal is a free agent, by the way. He was married to entrepreneur and philanthropist Shaunie O’Neal from 2002 to 2011. Together, the two have four children and share an amiable relationship, O’Neal has said.

Watch the whole hilarious, and somewhat uncomfortable, encounter below and check out the Shaquille O’Neal XLG brand of clothing, which is available at JCPenney.