Mom arrested after helping daughter beat up a teen waiting at bus stop

A 30-year-old Nashville mother who was ‘about that life’ is now behind bars after allegedly helping her teen daughter beat up another minor waiting for a bus.

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On Monday, Kalina Gaines was arrested and charged with assault for assisting her teen daughter in a fight with another student she had a previous run-in with. Gaines’ and her daughter are accused of jumping the 13-year-old victim on a bus stop corner, according to The Tennessean.

Bystanders filmed the troubling incident and posted on social media. The footage appears to show the belligerent mom instigating the fight by ordering her daughter to kick and punch the other child, the Nashville Metro Police said

Gaines’ daughter appears to be holding the victim down as her mother joined in the assault and they both tag-teamed the victim.

The victim told people she was kicked in the face and hands by the suspects.

Gaines was released on $7,500 bond after she was jailed on a misdemeanor assault charge on Monday.

The daughter was issued a juvenile court petition and Gaines has an Oct. 18 court date to face the charges.