Lenny Kravitz surprises adorable 5-year-old superfan on ‘Ellen’

Sometimes you've got to "Let Love Rule" and that's what happened when the rock legend came to Ellen DeGeneres daytime talk show to surprize a pint-sized fan

Lenny Kravitz and Justin Wilson II (Ellentube.com)

It’s a given that legendary rocker Lenny Kravitz’s music is loved by the young and the young at heart. But when he surprised one of his pint sized fans during an adorable segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it showed that even the youngest generations dig his chords.

On Wednesday, 5-year-old drummer Justin Wilson II appeared on the daytime talk show to talk about his musical talent, what it was like celebrating his birthday at Legoland, and a previously visit the show to where the child prodigy performed Kravitz’s 1998 hit, “Fly Away.”

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This time, the kindergartner told host Ellen DeGeneres that he planned to perform Kravitz’s, “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”

“But you can call it ‘Are You Gonna Go My Waaaaay,’” the precocious little boy explained. Despite displaying a wisdom well beyond his years, when Kravitz surprised Wilson by walking on stage as he drummed along to his 1993 hit, he jumped with a kind of childlike glee that instantly melted hearts in the studio audience.

“Lenny! Lenny! It’s so good to see you!” the boy yelled, while throwing his hands up in the air.

“You are amazing,” Kravitz informed him. “You know I’m a big fan. … I’ve been watching you.”

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As if getting a visit from his idol wasn’t enough, DeGeneres also gifted Wilson with a bunch of Spider-Man gear, teasing Kravitz, “I think you just got topped,”

“Yeah, big time,” he responded, good-naturedly.

Check out the feel good moment below.