Melanin In Milan: Prada’s Social Media Manager, Candace Marie, on inclusivity in fashion

Social media maven and expertise Candace Marie Stewart recently opened up about her latest role as PRADA's Social Media Manager.

PRADA’s Social Media is done by Candace Marie Stewart

Social media maven and expertise Candace Marie Stewart recently opened up about her latest role as PRADA‘s Social Media Manager.

The Seton Hall University alum, whose resume boasts the likes of Barney’s New York, Refinery 29, and more, also holds an MBA in finance. Back in April, Prada hired Marie, months after the company faced some Black-lash for their racially-insensitive “monkey” paraphernalia. Fast-forward, and now Marie is the woman behind the most forward-facing asset of the brand: their social media presence.

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In an interview with XONecole this year, Marie opened up about how the fashion world, as a whole, urging the need for more inclusion both behind the scenes and in front of it.

“They [the fashion industry] can do way better. So much is hidden and deep-rooted that they don’t realize what it is. I could be sitting in a board meeting and I question why am I the only black person out of 45 people that are here?” I’m analyzing it in my head; there’s not one other person of color in the room,” Marie stated.

Marie is currently attending her first fashion week in Milan, courtesy of the many perks that come with working at PRADA.


In her interview with XONecole, she details how Fashion Week still has a ways to go in including people of color.

“I’ve had conversations with peers who are Black or a minority and we don’t want to be the Bible for all things black. It needs to be a shift and a change. I honestly noticed it more as I started to travel and go to Fashion Weeks. You’re not seeing any other women of color at the shows especially going into the luxury space. I remember a photographer told me he was shooting me because he wanted to make the street style some type of diverse. It’s not their fault.”

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