Black Trump supporter big mad Twitter flagged his account attacking Democrats

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 04: The crowd reacts as US President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally on October 4, 2018 at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota. Trump is holding rallies across the U.S. ahead of the midterm elections November 6. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

A Black man who supports Donald Trump went on an angry rant against Twitter for calling out what the social media site considered to be hateful rhetoric.

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Terrence K. Williams, who reportedly met Trump at the White House during the Young Black Leadership Summit, appealed to his 640,000 followers, telling them that he had been flagged by Twitter for “violations of its hateful conduct policy” for targeting Democrat Adam Schiff and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Twitter’s legal team has contacted me to notify me that my account has been flagged for possible hate conduct because I made a video about how Adam Schiff should resign,” Williams said in a tweet.

He followed up explaining that he was also flagged by Twitter for his attacks on Ocasio-Cortez, The Daily Mail reports.

He called out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and slammed the site.

“Leave my account alone. Somebody get (Twitter CEO) Jack Dorsey on the phone. The legal team has contacted me. They are investigating my account. This is outrageous,” he said.

“I’m p***ed off. You mean to tell me that it’s hateful because I’m a black man that supports Donald J Trump?

“I’m an American who supports the President… how is that hateful?”

“The day that I go to the White House is the day that they notify me that my account may be in possible violations of hateful conduct,” he said.

“None of my conduct is hateful. I am a comedian, a conservative Trump-supporting comedian and they want to take me down because people have jumped on the Trump train after watching my content.’”

Williams said that Twitter is trying to silence Trump supports content and videos ahead of the 2020 Presidential election.

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“They are coming after Trump supporters. 2020 is around the corner and they are trying to take down accounts that support President Donald J. Trump,” he said.

“They are trying to take down big accounts like mine that support President Trump.”

Check out his rant for yourself.