Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has urged his party members to “get a grip on itself” and grab hold of the reins to openly oppose President Donald Trump and get things under control.

GOP split over impeachment pushback as Democrats plow ahead

“Right now, Republican leaders and members of the Congress ― both Senate and the House ― are holding back because they’re terrified of what will happen to any one of them if they speak out,” Powell told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria during an interview at Ohio’s New Albany Community Foundation last week that aired Sunday, Yahoo reports. “Will they lose a primary?”

As the Democrats drive an impeachment inquiry toward a potential vote by the end of the year, Trump’s allies are struggling.

Powell cautioned Republicans to serve for the country’s best interest and put politics aside.

“When they see things that are not right, they need to say something about it because our foreign policy is in shambles right now, in my humble judgment, and I see things happening that are hard to understand,” said Powell, a moderate Republican.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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