Jerome "Romeo" Jones (L), Brandy (Getty Images)

For decades, fans of the 90s R&B group Immature (also known as IMx) have speculated that band member Romeo had to wear an eye patch because of singer Brandy, and now the singer is coming forward to confirm that this time, the gossipmongers got it right.

Wednesday, the entire band sat down with actor Nick Cannon on his morning radio show on KPWR in Los Angeles, marking their first radio interview in 20 years. Cannon, who also rose to stardom around the same time as the R&B group pulled no punches and inquired about their personal relationships, the tensions with B2K and what it was like growing up in the industry.

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During the discussion Romeo (born Jerome Isaac Jones) was asked about his infamous eye patch along with the persistent rumor that Brandy was somehow responsible for it.

“That’s a true story,” he confirmed with no pretense. “Her and [original Immature member] Half-Pint had gotten into it, she had a book in her hand and just tossed it back. Not thinking anyone was that close and cut my retina, detached it. The lens to my eye had fallen out,” Romeo recalled.

Fellow band member Marques Houston apparently walked in right after the incident while Brandy scrambled to explain it was an honest accident.

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“[Moesha actor] Brandon Adams caught it,” Romeo continued. “He was there with us. So, he’s standing there holding my lens. He’s not knowing what’s going on. Marc come[s] in and we were trying to hide it.”

Immature’s spin-off group B2K has been in the blogs a lot this year after it was revealed during their come back tour that Lil Fizz was involved in a romantic relationship with Apryl Jones, who shares children with B2K frontman Omarion.

During this week’s interview Houston clarified that while he and the other members of Immature have a real friendship, he can’t say the same for B2K.

“Their dynamic is different, very different,”  he concluded. “We [Immature] are actually friends, they at work, they’re coworkers.”

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