Nicki Minaj is being called to task for a tweet claiming that online, she is treated better by white people than “the blacks.”

Who are “the blacks” that the rapper is referring to?

Minaj, who has since deleted the troublesome tweet, is believed to have been referring to Black media outlets– specifically, Wendy Williams.

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“What the white ppl post. >>>>>>,” she wrote on November 5, according to Complex. “The blacks only post the few seconds where I raise my voice to push their narrative.”

“The blacks,” including some of Nicki’s fans, weren’t having it.

“The blacks ain’t sitting right with my spirit,” tweeted Hoekage @NelJayy.

“You know what..I love your music. But the fact that you said ‘white ppl’ and then refer to us as ‘the blacks’ just furthers the idea that ‘blacks’ aren’t people. That’s an idea that goes wayyy back. I’m mad hurt. Unconscious ideas are a mf. You gotta be aware of what you saying,” tweeted @whooptywooop.

“Were you not complaining a few years ago about white media degrading black women and painting you as the ‘angry black woman?’ Seems like the music industry only lets coons succeed. Get some therapy before you do more damage to your legacy.”

The Queen Radio rapper’s tweet seems to be her response to an ongoing rift with Williams and the ensuing media coverage that comes from it. The latest development started when Williams brought up Minaj’s recent wedding to Kenneth Petty and went in on Petty’s criminal background.

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“Now, he served seven years in prison and he’s also a sex offender,” Williams said. “So that means that he — is a manslaughter a killer? Okay, so he’s a killer and a sex offender. Well Nicki, congratulations.”

Minaj responded by bringing up Williams’ adulterous ex-husband, Kevin Hunter and his mistress. Earlier this year, the pair split after Wendy alleged that Hunter had gotten his mistress pregnant.

“So I really wanted to pray for you today, because look at where you are now in your life,” Minaj fired back at Williams. “Look at what age you are. You’re sat up there being vicious all this time, and paid for that man’s mistress all these years. You paid for her shopping sprees, you paid for her hotels, you probably even paid for her GYN bills, you paid to have that baby delivered, hoe.”