Wendy Williams blasts ex-spouse on live TV after guest Tyrese drops bomb

Wendy Williams (L), Tyrese Gibson (Getty Images)

Wendy Williams has been throwing shade at her ex-husband Kevin Hunter for months, but this week she exploded and called him out by name after her guest Tyrese Gibson dropped a bombshell on her during a commercial break.

The singer and actor appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote his new movie Black and Blue, but during the broadcast the singer was noticeably reserved, causing the host to playfully quip towards the end that he was being “difficult.”

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When the show came back from a commercial break, Williams was supposed to pivot to a segment about Drugstore Beauty Finds with Sadie Murray. However, she couldn’t stay focused on the topic at hand and went off script, announcing to her audience that Tyrese had just revealed to her during a backstage conversation that the reason he hadn’t been back to the show in more than three years is because Hunter had banned him due to suspicions the singer was flirting with her.

Up until their very public split, Hunter had been an executive producer on the show and had apparently not shared this tidbit with his then-wife. Williams, still in disbelief then exploded, speaking directly to her ex through the screen.

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In the off-script moment, Williams makes mention of the Tyrese bombshell throughout the entire beauty segment as she attempts to shake it off on live television.

“Are you serious, Kevin?” she yelled indignantly. “Are you serious? Like, are you serious? … get out of here with that! Who are you flirting with?”

One could easily understand her irritation given that while Hunter was banning men for allegedly flirting with the host, he was off creating a whole second family with his mistress; a fact she alludes to when she makes the gesture of a baby bump with her hands.

During the brief tirade, Williams announced to her staff,  “Attention Wendy staff — new rules, it’s a new day!” which many took to mean that all current “bans” instated by Hunter without her knowledge would now be lifted.

Williams and Hunter split in a bitter divorce earlier this year after allegations of infidelity proved true. His status as executive producer on her show was eliminated amid the skirmish between them.