Ray J responds to rumors that he’s asking Trump to pardon Suge Knight

The singer is denying reports that he's lobbying the Trump administration to pardon Suge Knight, but there's a specific reason why the reports were so ridiculous

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This week rumors were swirling that singer and entrepreneur Ray J was reportedly in talks with the Trump administration to win release for former Death Row records head Marion “Suge” Knight from prison. Now the he’s coming forward to clear the air.

Originally DailyMailTV reported that the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star had become friends and business partners with Knight and as a result wanted his friend released from prison with the help of the president.

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Knight was sentenced to a total of 28 years behind bars on manslaughter charges after he drove his car over Terry Carter and Cle Sloan at a Los Angeles fast-food restaurant parking lot following a January 2015 argument with Carter on the set of the film Straight Outta Compton.

His original 11-year prison sentence for the conviction was doubled under California’s three-strikes law with an additional six years added on because he used his car as a deadly weapon in a ‘serious and violent’ felony.

The report went on to say that Ray J, was taking a page out of his ex girlfriend Kim Kardashian West’s playbook and using celebrity as a means to convince Trump to free Knight much in the same way that Kardashian West successfully lobbied Trump to commute the sentence of Alice Johnson in 2018.

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But the 38-year-old has now taken to Instagram to let it be known that all those speculations are fake news.

@dailymail pls stop reporting false stories about me! This is the second time y’all trying to pull a stunt like this! The story you put up is false and corny!” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Beside that, according to the U.S. Constitution (Article II, Section 2), the president can only pardon or commute the sentences of people incarcerated on federal charges, which is how Kardashian West won freedom for Johnson in the first place: she was convicted on federal drug trafficking charges. There is no constitutional provision for presidential pardons or commutations for people convicted of state charges like manslaughter, which is what Knight is serving time for.


Instead on focusing on gossip, the singer would much rather fans turn their attention to his new EP, Emerald City which will be available at all major digital retailers and streaming services on Friday, Nov. 22.

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