Ray J is reportedly asking Trump to pardon his friend, Suge Knight

The 'Love & Hip Hop' star looks to follow ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian's lead and reaches out to the president for assistance

Ray J is reportedly in secret talks with the Trump administration to release Marion “Suge” Knight from prison.

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UPDATE: Ray J has responded to the Daily Mail story and denies that he is attempting to cozy up to Trump for Suge Knight pardon.]

Ray J is reportedly in secret talks with the Trump administration to release MarionSuge” Knight from prison.

Knight, 54, was sentenced to 28 years behind bars on manslaughter charges for driving his car over Terry Carter and Cle Sloan after arguing with the men at a fast-food drive-through. Ray J, 38, of Love & Hip Hop, has become friends and business partners with Knight and wants his friend released from prison, according to DailyMailTV.

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Knight initially faced 11 years in prison for the conviction, but his sentence was doubled under California’s three-strikes law because of his prior convictions. DailyMailTV reported an additional six years was also tacked on because Knight used his car as a deadly weapon in a ‘serious and violent’ felony.

But Ray J thinks behavior like that is a thing of the past for Knight and is hoping President Trump pardons his friend.

Ray J’s move follows that of his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, who successfully lobbied Trump to pardon Alice Johnson in 2018. Johnson was in jail on charges of drug trafficking. Kardashian, along with many other celebrities, also supported the release of Cyntonia Brown, who was serving life in jail after killing a man who paid to have sex with her when she was a teenager.

A source told DailyMailTV that Ray J is going the same route as Kardashian because of his competitive nature.

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“Ray J is very competitive and always has been. He saw what Kim was able to do with her work in the criminal justice system with the Trump administration and he is determined to show he can do the same,”’ the source said to DailyMailTV. “He’s adamant that he can convince Trump to pardon Suge and that people will respect him for doing so.”

Ray J reportedly entered a jail business agreement with Knight last year, according to The Blast.

“Ray J is not just a friend of mine, that’s little brother, that’s family. And I respect Ray J and his business dealings, that’s why I choose him as one of the guys to deal with the music side of the future for as Death Row Records, anything to do Death Row and it’s great to have him cause he will be putting out this incredible album and I heard it before,” Knight reportedly told The Blast in a prison phone interview.