Singing sensation, Summer Walker is in hot water over Toronto show

Toronto fans are pissed and claim that Summer Walker's concert was a nightmare as she had been more than three hours late.

Summer Walker’s debut album, ‘Over It,’ (Photo by Ser Baffo/Getty Images for BET)

Singer Summer Walker made a huge splash in the music industry this year with her debut album Over It, but it seems that fans have not been happy with her in-person appearances, including her concerts.

Toronto fans claim that Walker’s highly anticipated Monday night concert was a nightmare as she had been more than three hours late. According to Billboard, angry fans took to social media citing how they braved the frigid Toronto temps while seeing Walker post photos hanging out with Drake and London On Da Track earlier in the night.


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Billboard also reported that when Walker finally came on stage, she performed for under an hour at the further disappointment of waiting fans.

— Summer Walker drops highly anticipated debut album ‘Over It’

Summer Walker is really on a field trip while her fans in Toronto are getting hypothermia. You hate to see it,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user took a screenshot of what looked like Walker’s Instagram stories and said, “The fact that summer walker had the audacity to post too is what’s sending me…talkin bout ‘I love Toronto.'”

Someone else tweeted, “Summer Walker is corny. Mental health and social anxiety is one thing but having your fans wait in the cold while you stroll around Toronto & posting it is wild unprofessional.”

There was so much outrage that Walker decided she had to defend herself. The singer took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to explain what happened:
“Y’all don’t even know what goes on behind-the-scenes. I had to fire my sound team twice,” she said. “I couldn’t find my passport and birth certificate. I had to be up at 5 a.m. to go to two different offices to get a new passport and birth certificate. By the time I got to Toronto, all I had time to do was check-in, wash my a–, and get to the venue. I didn’t even know I was motherf—–g late.”

“I go on stage when I’m told to go on stage,” she continued. “Drake told me he was going to come to my show, and I told him not to come because I suck. He comes — very grateful and nice man. He’s extremely sweet. The thing is, we only spoke for two minutes. Him, Meek, and some other n—s walked in. We say hello and take a picture. We probably exchanged about two sentences and then they said, ‘Summer, it’s time to go on stage.’ I did what I was supposed to do. If I had known motherfuckers were waiting for four hours, I would’ve apologized.”

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This is not the first time Walker had to defend herself when it came to fan outrage. She recently revealed that she suffers from social anxiety, which caused her to cancel two dozen tour dates. Though some fans found her mental health struggles relatable, there were many others that wondered why she would choose to be famous in the first place, according to ESSENCE, one of the critics was none other than Wendy Williams.

“I can’t even accept an award in peace,” Walker on Instagram Live. “You see how I spoke…I was scared. Everyone else gave a long ass speech. I didn’t because I have social anxiety. “I just want to let y’all know—not me b-tch because I’m living a great life—but this is how people commit suicide. When people tell you what’s literally going on with them and then people still continue to bully them.”