LeBron James agrees that son Bronny has better jump shot

during the NBA All-Star Game 2018 at Staples Center on February 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

LeBron James isn’t only the basketball star in his family. It looks like his son, Lebron James Jr. (Bronny)  is walking in his father’s footsteps in the sport, or maybe even surpassing his talents after ESPN National Recruiting Director and NBA Draft analyst Paul Biancardi said that the 15-year-old is a better jump shooter than his father.

“I hope LeBron is not going to get mad at me, but I think Bronny’s jump shot is a little bit better …”,” Biancardi said in a clip of his son posted on Twitter by ESPN.

The NBA star sided with the assessment on Twitter, even adding that he may have the third-best jump shot in his house. 

“Can’t ever be mad at the facts!!! Flame thrower he has! And by the way I probably got the 3rd best jump shot in the household. Bryce Maximus got a cooker too!,” James wrote on Twitter. 

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James has always shown his support for his kid’s talents in the sport that they all play and love. 

One of the dreams James has been vocal about is playing in the NBA with Bronny, and CBS Sports claims that it may be possible based on Bronny’s skill and the rate James is playing in the field. 

The site reports that Bronny is already “the most famous high school player” in the nation based on his talents. 

Bronny, who is currently is a high school freshman played his “first career high school start” on Tuesday, Dec. 3 playing for the Sierra Canyon Trail Blazers, USA Today reports. 

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His coach, Andre Chevalier, said his dedication and consistency had earned him the ability to do so. 

“(Bronny) has been consistent in practice,” Chevalier said about James Jr. “He’s the only guy this year that’s practiced everyday. He stepped into the opportunity when it presented itself.”

It looks like in a few more years James and Bronny will be the next father and son duo who have played in the NBA.