LeBron James gives fans a glimpse into his relationship with his mom

After making NBA history, baller shares an intimate congratulatory text from his mother

LeBron James (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

LeBron James’ herculean effort to become the first NBA player to achieve a triple-double playing against all 30 teams didn’t go unnoticed by his mom, Gloria James.

James’ Los Angeles Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night, when James reached his latest record-breaking stat, according to USA Today. Although James doesn’t hold the record for the most triple-doubles in his career or even in a season, scoring triple-doubles against every team is quite impressive.

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Gloria sent a text to her baby boy to let him know how proud she is of him.

“Congratulations kid! on being the 1st player in the league history to score a triple double against all the teams in the league,” Mama James wrote in the text. “You are the GOAT. You should celebrate tonight. Love you.”

James responded: “Aww mama!!!! Thank you so much!! You’re the GOAT in all actuality for raising me the way you did and everything you did for me. Like 2pac said, “Against All Odds.” Love you, too.”


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James posted the text exchange on Instagram on Wednesday and we collectively swooned. He captioned the post: “Love you Mama!!!” with five heart emojis. Words can’t express how much I do. You’re simply INCREDIBLE.”

His IG followers shared in on the love.

“You are amazing in every way Bron,” wrote _timeberleemarie.

Sports Illustrated added a few hearts to Bron’s comments section, as did soccer legend, David Beckham, and actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.

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LeBron and Gloria are super tight and have been since his days growing up and b-balling in Akron, Ohio. After Tuesday’s game, everyone from athletes to celebrities sent their congrats and astonishment at James’ superhuman accomplishment.

But it was his mama’s text that touched him the most. He’ll always love his mama, she’s his favorite girl and number 1 fan.

His wife and kids round out spots 2 through 5. And I’m number 6.

Fight me.

Congrats, LeBron!