Justin Bieber and Quavo inspire fans to donate to L.A women’s shelter with music video ‘Intentions’

The shelter has received over $10,000 in donations in mere days

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber and Quavo appear in Intentions video (Credit: Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber‘s new video featuring Quavo has a philanthropic message that’s inspired fans to pull out their wallets and donate money to a women’s shelter in Los Angeles featured in the clip.

According to the LA Times, the video for Bieber and Quavo’s latest collab, “Intentions,” centers around a group of women living out of Alexandria House. It is a shelter for homeless women and their children.

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The Times report the three women highlighted are, “Bahri, an immigrant from Saudi Arabia going to extreme lengths to pursue an education her mother was denied; Marcy, a young mother and product of the foster care system who experienced homelessness after rescuing herself and her kids from domestic abuse; and Angela, an artist, and grandmother whose experiences on skid row inspire her to ‘tell the stories of homeless women and children through her art.'”

The visual for the catchy tune shows Bieber – whose own mother hit hard times after getting pregnant with him as a teen – making a surprise visit to the shelter and helping Bahri, Marcy and Angela pursue their dreams.

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The video concludes with a special shout-out to the nonprofit in which the entertainers reveal they’ve donated $200,000 to help it keep its doors open, and then urge viewers to head over to a link where they can do their part.

“Thank you to the Alexandria House for opening your doors and your hearts to Bahri, Marcy and Angela and the entire community in times of need,” the message reads.

And the response was swift, with the shelter receiving over $10,000 in donations in mere days. If you would like to make a donation to the shelter, you can do so on the Alexandria House website.