Chicago police are investigating after the words “racist,” “sexist,” “GOP” and “oligarch” were spray-painted on the front of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign office. (Credit: Carly Behm/Sun-Times)

Over the weekend, yet another one of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign offices was vandalized. His team wasted no time blaming Democratic presidential primary rival Bernie Sanders‘ rhetoric for inspiring the graffiti.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Sunday, the campaign headquarters in Chicago was spray-painted with the words “oligarch,” “racist,” and “sexist,” and “GOP” in red across the office’s front windows.

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Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg’s campaign manager, released a statement explaining that the authorities have yet to identify the perpetrators. However, his camp believed that Sanders using the term “oligarch” to describe Bloomberg while campaigning across the country inspired the actions of the vandals.

“While we do not know who is directly responsible, we do know Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign have repeatedly invoked this language, and the word ‘oligarch’ specifically when discussing Mike Bloomberg and his campaign,” Sheekey said.

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“Sen. Sanders’ refusal to denounce these illegal acts is a sign of his inability to lead, and his willingness to condone and promote Trump-like rhetoric has no place in our politics,” he added. “No one should have to live in fear of coming to work, and Sen. Sanders must call on his supporters — including his campaign staff — to elevate the discourse in this campaign and end their spread of hateful rhetoric.”

This is only the latest incident against Bloomberg’s campaign offices across the country. Fox News reports that Friday evening the windows were also shattered by rocks at Bloomberg’s campaign offices in Salt Lake City. The billionaire businessman’s campaign offices in Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee were also targeted by graffiti and vandalism.

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