‘Black Twitter Live’ has got Black Twitter in their feelings, everything we know about the event

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Twitter recently announced that they’ll be hosting “Black Twitter Live,” a live streaming event with social media and media influencers alike.

On Feb. 26, the official Twitter for “Twitter Live,” released a flyer for the upcoming event, with the following announcement:

“Twitter is honored to bring together some of the most powerful voices from #BlackTwitter to discuss the impact and influence of this dynamic community. Watch #BlackTwitterLive
right here at 8pm ET on March 3 and 10:30am ET on March 4.”


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While more details surrounding the e-event are scarce, talk of #BlackTwitterLive has not only began making its rounds on social media but is also equipped with its own black bird logo (a play on Twitter’s blue bird logo).

The event is expected to have a slew of guest speakers, including Dr. Bernice A. King, actress Reagan Gomez-Preston, “Because Of Them” founder Eunique Jones,” and media personalities Gia Peppers, April Reign, Mouse Jones and more.

On Saturday, another flyer was released in anticipation of the event:

“#BlackTwitterLive is about recognizing everything Black Twitter has done to make this platform what it is, and we’re bringing it right to the timeline. Add your voice to the mix using the hashtag #BlackTwitterLive and Blackheart this Tweet if you don’t want to miss it.

While little else has been revealed about the #BlackTwitterLive agenda, one thing is for certain: Black Twitter is none too impressed with what they know so far. Twitter users of color made sure to tweet their speculation and disappointment, particularly as it pertained to the anticipated speakers.

Twitter user @RickyRawls wrote, “Everyone tweeting enthusiastically about that #BlackTwitterLive event is either part of the event or a Black Blue Check cheering their own clique or a white liberal who doesn’t know any better and thinks they’re witnessing a slice of authenticity.”


A few more tweets seem to share the user’s sentiment:


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Guess we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. One thing is for certain, whether you want to support or spectate, the online event will take place on @TwitterLive‘s page, 8pm ET on March 3 and 10:30 ET March 4.