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11-year-old is handcuffed

An 11-year-old DeKalb County girl was mistakenly identified in car theft, leading to being handcuffed and being held in a police car her mother stated.

Mother Cynthia Hendricks is “livid” after the detainment of her daughter London. Police arrived at her door at 7:15 pm, with details of attempted car theft by a teen girl suspected to be 16-years-old and two teen boys, 11 Alive reports.

The crime was on the street Cynthia and London lived on. London’s name was said to have been given to the officers by a neighbor after she fit the description, even though there is a five-year age difference.

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Hendricks told the officers her mother was at home since 4 pm and even gave camera evidence from her Ring doorbell camera and other surveillance equipment but the officers detained London anyway despite having the proof.

“(The officer) placed handcuffs on my daughter, placed her in back of police vehicle with intent to transport her to juvenile detention,” Hendricks said.

Once London was in the police car, officers asked about her age and the clothing she was wearing. The officers were surprised to find out she wasn’t 16, eventually letting London go. London was held inside the police car for at least ten minutes, WAGA-TV reports.

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“I am beyond livid and disgusted at DeKalb County Police for, one, not bothering to ask my daughter’s age before traumatizing her, two, blatantly ignoring the fact that our surveillance cameras show that London did not exit the house whatsoever, and, three, not doing their due diligence before coming to my home to attempt to arrest my child,” Hendricks said.

DeKalb County Police Department told 11Alive they were “not made aware of any concerns.” Hendricks stated she will be filing a complaint against the police department and hopes that a policy change will follow.