Cardi B posts Instagram video to offer her thoughts on the coronavirus

The 'Bodak Yellow' rapper warned her fans that the virus might impact their wigs and weaves

Cardi B took to Instagram and said the coronavirus, labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has her scared.

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Rapper Cardi B took to Instagram to weigh in with her thoughts on the coronavirus.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper said the coronavirus, labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has her scared. The rapper posted an IG video under the caption: “Ya keep playing I’m deadass F*CKIN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food.”

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Ya keep playing I’m deadass FUCKIN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food.

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But true to Cardi style, the rapper also warned people that the virus, which started in Wuhan China, will impact their weaves and wigs.

“I’m a little scared. S*** got me panicking,” Cardi says in the video. “A lot of s*** comes from motherf***ing China. If you’re wondering why your weave or your fashion packages haven’t arrived,” blame it on the coronavirus, she said. “I’m telling you, s*** is getting real.”

Her IG followers responded to the video.

“Everyone jokes around until it hits home, and that ish has landed. It is very much here n moving around fast. Nothing dumb w being safe or preparing urself. Do u sis. I hope everyone else is too that follows u,” wrote iamjessenia.

“That’s why we gotta vote BLUE in November, to get someone in office who take stuff serious. Trump’s stupid a** actually believes it’s a “hoax,” wrote itschriscrocker.

In other Cardi B news, Vin Diesel was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to discuss F9, the ninth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, and he said his daughter convinced him to cast Cardi in the flick. In addition to Vin Diesel and Cardi B, also cast in the movie are Tyrese GibsonChris ‘Ludacris’ BridgesMichelle RodriguezCharlize TheronJohn Cena, and Helen Mirren.

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“My daughter wanted a piece of casting to happen so Cardi B is in it,” Diesel said. He added that he worked alongside the writers to create a character specifically for Cardi that would work in the movie.

The movie hits theaters on May 22.