A month before blues legend B.B. King passed away, he received a beautiful letter from former President Barack Obama and now that heartfelt piece of history is going on sale for a good cause.

TMZ reports, “The letter’s up for grabs at Moments In Time via King’s granddaughter Sylvia Williams, who says her mother gave it to her years ago. She says B.B. never imagined there would be a president of color in his lifetime … let alone receive a personal letter from one.”

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The signed correspondence was written on White House stationery with the presidential seal on top. It was sent to King back in April 2015 while he was dealing with complications caused by high blood pressure and diabetes.

Our forever president let the music icon know that he’d heard of his health issues and wanted him to know how much he was loved and cherished not just by the world, but by him and wife Michelle.

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