Netflix ‘Tiger King’ doc is messy and a must watch

The central plotline revolves around Joe Exotic, who is currently behind bars, convicted of the murder-for-hire plot against his cat-loving rival (and fellow wackjob) Carol Baskin

tiger king

If you haven’t seen Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness yet on Netflix, you’re gonna want to take some time this weekend and get ready for your jaw to hit the floor.

The latest true crime docuseries from Netflix has helped the quarantined time fly by for viewers like 2 Chainz and Cardi B who can’t rip themselves away from the unimaginable trainwreck that proves white folks are into some really crazy sh*t.

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We won’t give away too many spoilers because the nonstop twists and turns are part of the fun of this mind-blowing tale. Below should entice you to give it a try.

Here are 5 reasons to watch:

  1. It proves white folks are into some really crazy sh*t.

One thing you will NOT see in this docuseries? Black folks. Nowhere. None. (With the exception of a very small and insignificant snippet of SHAQ) You know why? This level of foolishness is reserved for the white folks of the world. Tigers as pets?

2. Pettiness at its peak.

The central plotline (although there are thousands) revolves around Joseph Maldanado-Passage aka Joe Exotic, who is currently behind bars. He’s convicted of a murder-for-hire plot against his cat-loving rival (and fellow wackjob) Carol Baskin. Joe Exotic owns a big ass zoo in Oklahoma where he breeds big cats and he may be the pettiest person in the history of ever.

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3. There are tons of tigers.

Granted, many of the tigers are stuck in cages, but it’s still kind of incredible to see so many variations of big cats. Even more amazing is the fact that these enormous, deadly animals act like house pets more often than not. But also, sometimes they rip off people’s arms and attack their owners. White tigers, ligers, lions, leopards, black panthers, and cheetahs are just a few of the guest stars of this wild ride.


4. There are no good guys.

The details of this story are so wild, it’s hard to believe they could be true. But they are. Even after binging this show for hours, you won’t have any idea who you’re actually rooting for. Just when you think you’ve solved a piece of the peculiar puzzle, someone will step into the next scene and stomp all over your theories.


5. It’s funny as hell without trying to be. 

The idea of gorgeous, majestic animals being abused by the literal scum of the earth is not funny, per se, but the crazy cast of characters we meet in these mind-blowing series will make you bust a gut or two. The realization that these people are actual humans and not part of some hilarious skit about the depths of stupidity is actually baffling.

SO much so, you’ll ask yourself, What in the hillbilly hell is going on?