Chynna Rogers
Chynna Rogers (Instagram)

Philadelphia rising rap star Chynna, who started as a model, has sadly died at the age of 25.

Chynna, whose full birth name was Chynna Rogers, died at her home in Philadelphia on Wednesday, her manager John Miller told PEOPLE magazine. Miller didn’t disclose the cause of Chynna’s death.

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In a statement to PEOPLE, the rapper’s family said simply: “Chynna was deeply loved and will be sorely missed.”

In December, she had recently released the four-track EP in case i die first. The music was dark and heavy and draws listeners in on her vibe: “S*it don’t last forever, do it?/S*it ain’t ‘bout forever, is it doe?/I’m just sad you didn’t get it doe,” as she raps on one track, ASMR.

When she was 14, Chynna was signed by Ford Models and began modeling. While she was still a teenager, she was mentored by A$AP Yams, who died five years ago. This link to A$AP Mob helped her gain rap cred from the start. She released 2013’s hit track Selfie and a year later, “Glen Coco.” In 2015, she put out I’m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening and Music 2 Die 2 in 2016, according to Pitchfork. 

She told Pitchfork her music was for “angry people with too much pride to show how angry they are.”

Chynna was open about her previous addiction to opiates in some of her music, and also in interviews. “It got to the point where I had to do something just to be able to get on stage and do my job. I didn’t like that,” she told Pitchfork in an interview. 

It is not known if drugs played a part in her death, her friend Quinta Brunson left a cryptic message that made many think that she was referring to Rogers.

While she does not mention Chynna by name, the close proximity of the texts and Rogers’ history, allowed many fans to connect the dots.

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Upon learning of her death, celebrities took to social media and posted their memories and tributes to the rapper.

Rapper Vince Staples posted on his Instagram that he needed everyone to know that she was “too special for words.”

“Chynna you were f—— hilarious bro… today was our last exchange of jokes & those I will miss the most. I can’t believe it idk how to. I love you. So very much. My heart is officially iced,” Kehlani tweeted.

Rapper Kari Faux tweeted “I love u, Chynna. Forever, my rap game Laura Croft.”

“Chynna deserved way more love. We need to make sure to give folks their flowers while they are here to see them. This hurts so bad cause I know she was f—— next man. Her music and vision was raw as f—,” Dom McLennon, a member of Brockhampton, tweeted.