Georgia student in racist TikTok video declares ‘Black people ruined my life’

Stephanie Freeman was quick to backtrack and offer an apology after realizing that the University of West Georgia was being contacted to inform them about her racism

(Photo: TikTok)

Last week, two Georgia students were expelled from school after posting a racist TikTok video that went viral. Now one of them is responding to the backlash and throwing her boyfriend under the bus in the process.

Thursday evening, a video was posted to the social networking site that showed two Carrollton High School students- now identified as Stephanie Freeman and Jeffery Hume – using the N-word and spewing racist comments about Black people. The 50-second video was filmed in a bathroom as the teens pretended they were preparing something in the sink as part of a mock cooking show.

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They then joked about “N**gers” not having father figures, fried chicken, watermelons and not making good choices. They also stated that Black people rob “white people” and go to jail.

Amid the public outrage sparked by the video, Dr. Mark Albertus, the Carrollton High School superintendent released a lengthy statement that announced the expulsion of both students, stating, “the students’ behavior was unacceptable and is not representative of the district’s respect for all people.”

“‘Black’ people ruined my life,” she first wrote after the video circulated online. “They can’t function in a society so they took my future. They’re mad me and my boyfriend proved a point. All they know how to do is act ghetto and racist and low class. WHITE POWER. I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE,”

Freeman had also previously shared on social media that she planned to attend the University of West Georgia. When she found out that there was a public campaign to contact the college, confirm where she was enrolled and then make sure she wasn’t given admission, she suddenly backtracked on her original stance.

“I want to apologize for the abhorrent video I posted,” she wrote in an Instagram post.  “I know in my heart how wrong it was. My BF is racist and he slowly normalized his racism on me. Still I should never have let him. I believe Blacks are human too, made in the image of Christ. I have disappointed God and I want to apologize. Please don’t contact my college. It’s my future and one mistake should not ruin a life.”

In a statement TikTok said the site is still “committed to promoting a safe and positive app environment for our community…we do not permit hate speech,” adding, “The behavior in question is a violation of our guidelines, and we remove any such reported content.”

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