‘Insecure’ episode 4 recap: Molly and Issa realize balance ain’t easy

There’s something off about Issa and Molly’s friendship; meanwhile Molly tries to balance her career and a blossoming relationship with 'Asian Bae.'

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There’s something off about Issa and Molly’s friendship; meanwhile Molly tries to balance her career and a blossoming relationship with “Asian Bae.”

We’re creeping up on Issa’s big block party and we find out that her headliner, Schoolboy Q, is locked in. But before she can even rightfully celebrate the win, responsibility comes knocking at her door.

It’s easy to forget that Issa is the apartment manager because honestly, Issa forgets. The tunnel vision is real for sis. But this is the first time in a long time that our girl is laser-focused on a goal. So you want to root for her.

Molly seems to be trying her best to put her old relationship sabotage demons to rest, but somehow this woman is still allowing herself to get in her own way.

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Asian Bae, aka Andrew, comes over to Molly’s gorgeous apartment, just to end up asleep in bed, while Molly cracked yet another case until the wee hours of the morning. But Andrew is cool and casual and often doesn’t protest too much when it comes to Molly’s constant canceling or postponing of plans because of her workload.

Molly could easily be experiencing this lack of tangible irritation as a lack of concern or care that she barely has time for Andrew. That’s likely why Molly may not think anything is wrong with her continuing to cancel or push back her plans with Andrew.

It wasn’t long ago that Molly was struggling with her coworkers at the new Black firm she started working at. In this episode, we get to see that Molly has repaired her working relationships and is now enjoying this melanated environment, so much so that it’s almost effortless for her to cancel with Andrew to put in more hours. In fact, she tells her coworkers that her man is fine with her being an absentee girlfriend.

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Molly also wants to stop “doing the most” with the men she’s dating, which sounds like an insult Issa’s thrown at her in the past, and now has flipped to dating advice. In Molly’s mind, not doing the most means less time with Andrew isn’t an issue since she’s not trying to be clingy.

And wait a minute! Did green-eyed Lyft Bae Nathan just call Issa?! Issa has made it clear that she wants nothing else to do with our little backseat felon as she listened to his voicemail and didn’t call or text him back. That’s a far cry from the same girl who stalked her way into his bedroom and onto his laptop. A far cry! There’s a reason Nathan called and we need to bookmark that.

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Tiffany DuBois’ life is all off-balance, which is to be expected for a new mommy, but somehow she still looks put together. The co-ed gang was all here at the DuBois house to welcome baby Simone (who lowkey looks like Kelly) into this highkey unbalanced world. 

This “Lowkey Losin’ It” episode did a great job of giving us commentary about Black maternal health as Tiffany shared that she had a blood clot and the doctors refused to listen to her. Black women face higher maternal mortality rates than any other ethnicity and it’s a topic that is hardly talked about outside of the delivery room.

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Molly used the girlfriend moment to throw jabs at Issa, “You realize how valuable true friendship really is,” she said talking about her relationship with Andrew. Molly tried to sprout of some well-balanced give and take BS about her relationship. And when Issa made a Red Table Talk joke, Molly was the only one who didn’t laugh.

“Look at Lawrence over there looking like a provider,” Kelly joked. Issa looked, we all looked and yes, he did. Issa and Lawrence retreated outside to have a catch-up session. When Issa shared that she hadn’t heard from Condola, Lawrence told Issa that he wanted to talk to her about something, and by the way he mentioned it, that something had something to do with Condola.

But like clockwork, an urgent phone call derailed that train. Issa lost her headliner and immediately sprung into action to figure it out.

Later, Issa asks for Molly’s help to replace her headliner because Andrew works at Live Nation. Molly decides to choose her relationship with Andrew over her relationship with Issa and for Issa, it seems like her friend would rather watch her fail than help her succeed. 

One big question we’re left asking at the end of the episode is: Does Molly want to be happy?