Houston woman loses over 100 pounds using keto diet

A low-carb diet has its benefits in weight loss, but it's important to find what works best for you

(Photo: Courtney Smith Instagram)

Two years ago, Courtney Smith was overweight and the Houston, TX resident traveled frequently for work and used fast and comfort foods to help her keep up the schedule.

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But at 40, with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, Smith decided it was time for an overhaul. She found success with a low-carb diet, which she says helped her to lose 105 pounds.

“I went into my kitchen and threw away all of the things that were bad for me,” Smith told Good Morning America. Within three to four weeks, I noticed that I was losing weight and I felt motivated to keep going. I thought to myself, this is something that could work. This is something I can see myself doing long term.”

Smith follows the ketogenic diet which limits carbs and sugar in favor of healthy fats, vegetables, and protein. She says eating this way helped her lose weight and improve her health.

“I’ll have Bulletproof coffee in the morning and lunch is a protein like a chicken breast and some broccoli and cheese and a deviled egg,” Smith told GMA. “Dinner would be like a rib-eye and a big salad.”

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Smith joins many who have found success with a keto diet, but no diet is a miracle-worker unless you follow it and it works for you, your current health, and your body.

Any diet plan should be first approved by your doctor and you should consider what program will work best for you. However, Smith says that the main part of any healthy eating and diet plan is that you have to make up your mind to be ready.

Smith shares recipes and diet tips via her Instagram page @coco.goes.lowcarb.


And she adds, weight loss is a process and you have to be kind to yourself.

“Don’t beat yourself up if you do fall off the wagon. Tomorrow is a new day, give yourself some grace.”

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