B. Simone says she refuses to date a man with 9-to-5 job and gets dragged

The self-declared “Manifest Queen” feels only an entrepreneur is best suited to be her life partner.

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B. Simone (Credit: B. Simone)

B. Simone has declared that she won’t date a man who has a 9-to-5 job and that only entrepreneurs need apply.

Social media went into a frenzy after the author’s recent comments on Nick Cannon’s “Nick Cannon Mornings” show went viral. The 30-year-old self-described “Manifest Queen” let it be known just what kind of man she wants in her life, and anything short of a CEO is not up to her standards.

B. Simone Beauty

B. Simone using her line of lipglosses from B. Simone Beauty


“He can’t have a 9-5….He can be a hustling entrepreneur,” she said.

“So you want CEO status?” Cannon responded.

“Yes,” B. Simone said and added “He can’t be like clocking in and clocking out. No. I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs…you’re not going to understand my lifestyle. You’re not going to understand why I’m up at 3 a.m. He has to be an entrepreneur…or moving into that direction.”

Simone doubled down on her expectations on Twitter.

“It has nothing to do with the money it has EVERYTHING to do with the lifestyle. Entrepreneurs understand each other,” she posted.

She added, “I need you to understand why I’m up at 3 a.m. checking emails. Why I’m always on social media. Why I’m never off or clocked out. I need a man to understand and support that!”

It didn’t take long for social media to light up the 30-year-old influencer as many were quick to bring up her own history. She was once homeless and broke through after appearing on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out.

She’s also been a regular cast member on VH1’s Hip Hop Squares. She’s also the best selling author of the “Babygirl: Manifest The Life You Want.”

She also sells beauty supplies such as lip gloss, mattes, and bundles on her website.

It took time and hustle for Simone hustled to build her empire, so people found it hard to understand why she seemingly looked down on those who might be using a 9-5 to do the same.

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Simone took to Twitter to clarify her comments after she became a trending topic.

“Not the lives ppl want 4u! It has to be in his mindset, that’s what turns me on! I had a 9-5 and I dated a 9-5 guy b/c we were like minded. I elevated now I need my man to elevate w/me! LEARN HOW TO MANIFEST BY GETTING MY BOOK,” she captioned a video.

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This isn’t the first time that Simone has been ‘canceled’ via Twitter. Last week, she was dragged for her comments about George Floyd. She posted about being a Christian and would not partake in anything related to being an ‘angry’ Black women. Many felt that was a veiled reference to the protesting that has taken place since Floyd died after an altercation with Minneapolis police.

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