Terry Crews dragged on social media for ‘Black supremacy’ comments

Fellow actor, Orlando Jones, breaks down how it is impossible for the concept of Black supremacy in America to work

Terry Crews is being dragged for filth on Twitter following a Sunday tweet in which he warned about the rise of "Black supremacy."

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Terry Crews is being dragged for filth on Twitter following a Sunday tweet in which he warned about the rise of “Black supremacy.”

In the post, Crews said the best way to defeat white supremacy is for both Black and white people to unite, otherwise society risks creating “Black supremacy.”

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“Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth,” the actor wrote. But many of his fans, followers, and colleagues disagree, USA Today reports. 


The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is catching heat over a message meant to be inspiring, but instead, it has turned controversial. 

“Black supremacy?” tweeted actor Orlando Jones in response. “We represent 13% of US population, hold no institutional power & gaslight our coworkers. We got 99 problems and your math isn’t the only 1. #StrongerTogether.”

Twitter user @TheRickyDavila wrote, “Terry Crews is bizarrely talking about Black Supremacy, something that doesn’t exist, whilst Mitt Romney protests against racism. Today is giving me a massive headache.”

Writer-director Darryl Wharton-Rigby was also offended by Crews’ confusing terminology, writing, “We have officially entered The Twilight Zone on a day when Mitt Romney marches for #BlackLivesMatter and Terry Crews does the thing he does….” 

As previously reported by theGrio.com, Sen. Mitt Romney joined demonstrators in the nation’s capital on Sunday in a protest against police brutality on Black Americans. 

Romney is said to be the first Republican senator to take to the streets in Washington D.C. to support the voices decrying race relations in the U.S. 

Romney, who represents Utah, shared a photo on Twitter showing him wearing a mask as he walked with a group of nearly 1,000 Christian protesters in Washington. He captioned the image: Black Lives Matter.

Crews’ message comes as protests continue across the nation following the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody.

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“Like it or not, we are all in this together,” the America’s Got Talent host stated in his Twitter message in response to the public decrying race relations in America. 

Do you agree with Crews’ stance on the issue? Sound off in the comments below. 

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