Wisconsin gym posts offensive ‘I Can’t Breathe’ workout routine

A gym owner is forced to apologize after a posted workout surfaces that seemingly mocks George Floyd's death

(Credit: Anytime Fitness)

An owner of a gym in Wisconsin is apologizing after a workout titled “I Can’t Breathe,” in reference to George Floyd, was posted for its patrons.

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Jen Dunnington, co-owner of Anytime Fitness in Wauwatosa, WI told TMZ Sports on Wednesday that a trainee put up the workout in ‘honor’ of Floyd. The 46-year-old died on Memorial Day after a Minneapolis cop placed a knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. His dying words were that he couldn’t breathe.

(Credit: Anytime Fitness)


Apparently, the trainer wanted it the routine “be a workout so hard that we felt what he felt.” The post for the workout also said “Don’t you dare lay down,” and there is a person kneeling. The sign was met with immediate backlash.

“I was not aware of the signage that it was posted in that way,” she said. “I didn’t read it in that way, but I do definitely apologize that those words were on there.”

Dunnington also released a video of apology to social media but it was later deleted. She insisted that the sign was meant to be motivating as protesters have been repeating the phrase at the various protests in honor of Floyd.

Dunnington did concede that the part of laying down took the motivational idea too far.

“I apologize that it said that, the line on there should not have been on there.”

The corporate arm of Anytime Fitness released a statement in regard to the controversy. They declared their commitment to Black Lives Matter and their sadness at that passing of Floyd.

“We are committed to listening and learning, so that we can take action that helps our communities heal and grow in real and meaningful ways,” their statement read in part.

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Anytime Fitness is just the latest gym to find themselves on the receiving end of backlash due to Floyd’s name and events surrounding his death being invoked in disrespectful ways.

Earlier in the week, Reebook cut ties with CrossFit, essentially ending their 10-year partnership after the company’s CEO, Greg Glassman, made “insensitive” remarks on social media about Floyd. Glassman responded to a tweet about racism being a public health issue with, “It’s Floyd-19.” Then, audio of Glassman’s comments about his death, including attributing it to various conspiracy theories on a Zoom call for franchisees was made public.

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