‘Rich Dad’ author’s Black Lives Matter ‘losers’ comment is a betrayal

OPINION: Rahkim Sabree takes on author Robert Kiyosaki over a since-deleted tweet about recent unrest over the killings of Black people

Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad." (Photo: Matt Carasella/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images | Plata Publishing)

I am utterly disappointed in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki. I feel hurt and betrayed by your words in a tweet posted on Friday, June 12 regarding Black Lives Matter protests.

And while I know that you will likely retract, justify, or explain away your statement — which apparently has since been deleted — it won’t change the fact that you made it and likely meant every word.

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The line that particularly struck a chord with me was “why do we worship felons, losers, weirdos & people without power or success?

Do you mean the people who you’ve made your money and fame off of? The people whose pockets your programs rape under the guise of empowering the underdog? Those people? To feign ignorance of the oppression and systematic killing of Black people and people of color who fill your conferences, buy your books and programs, and build around your diluted content is irresponsible and criminal.

To pretend you don’t see our struggle while your brilliant marketing is built around exploiting our struggle is disgusting. However with this revelation I am thankful. I am thankful that I was able to come across your content at a young age, digest it, and share that knowledge with others. I’m thankful that I became so inspired by your book that I went and wrote one of my own.

I am thankful that the veil of ignorance and admiration of someone who exploits the poor is being lifted and your true face is showing. And I am thankful that I can point people in a different direction (several in fact) where they can learn the very “secrets” you promised to share in the spirit of empowering the underdog. 

I want to also address the many people who I’ve crossed paths with proudly promoting your book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” To all of you, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the excitement and high esteem I’ve shared with you in encouraging you to spend your dollars in support of Robert without truly knowing the type of thoughts and beliefs he’s maintained internally.

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You see Robert has always pandered to the “underdog” using skillful marketing tactics to really drive the hook into your fears, anxieties, and lusts around wealth building. He without a doubt shared many “secrets” of the wealthy; dropping bread crumb after bread crumb to get you more invested (emotionally and financially) in his products. 

At the beginning of my personal finance journey, I too bought into his “Rich Dad Education” and purchased several of his books and participated in several in-person paid conferences. Additionally, drumming up the support of his target audience; the financially illiterate, the desperate, the ambitious, the poor.

Again, I apologize. For years, I’ve been completely spellbound by not only how his material has opened up my eyes on entrepreneurship, investing, and the secrets of the wealthy, but also how I could use his material for good in educating people who look, experience, and believe as I do.

When I wrote my book Financially Irresponsible, I told the consultant I was working with that I wanted to have the same impact on people with my book that “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” had on me. If there is any good to come out of this let it be that I was inspired to create something of legacy not only for my family, but for others like me looking to do the same. 

We don’t need you anymore Robert, but you know what? Now that you’ve shown us your true face, you will soon realize that you need us.



One of those “people without power or success.”


Rahkim Sabree is a TEDx speaker, 2x author, and non-profit cofounder. He is active on Instagram/Twitter @RahkimSabree. Check out his book “Financially Irresponsible” available on Amazon.




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