Black women's pay equity, Black Women's Equal Pay Day, the state of Black Millennial moms, Black motherhood, Dr. Brandale Cox,
Howard University Professor Dr. Brandale Cox, who conducted “The Millennial Motherhood Experience” study, discusses the state of Black millennial motherhood with theGrio.
/ July 27, 2023
As we mark Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, we see that despite Black women’s long history in the workforce, they continue to be underpaid.
/ July 27, 2023
Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA), the United States’ oldest Black sorority, is launching a groundbreaking new credit union for members.
/ July 15, 2023
The 17th Annual Conference of African American Financial Professionals returns this summer with a focus on reclaiming black wealth.
/ July 11, 2023
Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade marriage, Gabrielle Union 50/50, Dwyane Wade 50/50, Wade-Union relationship
Retired NBA star Dwyane Wade breaks down the 50/50 controversy sparked by his wife, Gabrielle Union, and the couple’s stance on prenups.
/ June 13, 2023
In the wake of the closures of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, manywonder how many bank accounts do they really need.
/ June 5, 2023
Money being saved on those apps might not be safe during a crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warned users Thursday.
/ June 2, 2023