Congresswoman Jackie Speier criticizes colleagues for sleeping in their offices

Speier's biggest concern is the potential spread of the coronavirus.

House Armed Services Committee subcommittee Chair Jackie Speier (D-CA) conducts a hearing about sexual harassment and retaliation in the armed forces in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill July 29, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Some members of Congress have made themselves at home in the Capitol. They are not only conducting business in their offices, but they are also using the space as their sleeping quarters.

Rep. Jackie Speier is not happy with the arrangement and says that amidst the coronavirus pandemic, her colleagues’ risky behavior is jeopardizing the lives of other members.

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The congresswoman is particularly incensed by the actions of Rep. Louie Gohmert, who seldom wore a mask and recently tested positive for COVID-19. According to Speier, Gohmert utilized the house gym even after learning he was positive.

With Gohmert presently disregarding health and safety measures by only occasionally wearing a mask, Speier fears he will infect the entire premises.

Back in May, Speier sent a letter to the capitol attending physician and the architect of the capitol, complaining that more than 100 members sleep in their offices to cut back on travel costs.

Unfortunately, the situation was not resolved and has worsened since that time.

“It raises questions over impropriety and safety if staff members come to work early and stumble upon the Member in pajamas or getting dressed. It is unprofessional, unhygienic, and even unethical,” she said.

She further commented that “house offices were never intended to become homeless shelters for members and it is high time we stop tolerating the practice.”

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But her biggest concern is the potential spread of the virus. “It’s highly possible that other communicable diseases have been transmitted more rapidly due to Members living in their offices,” she complained.

She suggested that members who can’t afford a hotel room should consider getting a roommate.

When asked by TMZ if Gohmert’s staff should quit en mass due to his lackadaisical approach to safety, Speier said, “No,” but suggested they should seek worker’s compensation should they fall ill.

As of this writing Rep. Gohmert could not be reached for comment and it is not clear where he is quarantining.

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