COVID-19 public health emergency,
COVID-19 cases are on the rise again as the White House and experts warn the public to be cautious and be up-to-date on their vaccine shots.
/ September 5, 2023
Black people health care system -- woman getting modern flu or Covid-19 vaccine at doctor's office
COVID-19 may increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, even more so than the flu, new research suggests.
/ August 22, 2023
COVID-19 hospital admissions have inched upward in the United States since early July in a small-scale echo of the three previous summers.
/ August 9, 2023
Flu season, COVID-19, COVID surge, RSV, vaccines, booster shots, flu season 2023,
We break down the various viruses health officials are currently warning against and the vaccines that can help prevent infection.
/ August 7, 2023
Black teachers reported significantly higher rates of burnout and being significantly more likely to leave their job than white teachers. […]
/ August 3, 2023
The COVID-19 pandemic had a stark negative impact on students’ math scores, new data from Michigan shows.
/ July 27, 2023
Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was quickly condemned for pushing a false claim that COVID-19 was “ethnically targeted.”
/ July 17, 2023