Lisa Bonet trends after ex-husband Lenny Kravitz celebrates her spouse Jason Mamoa’s birthday

Social media is abuzz over the 'A Different World' star's taste in men

Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet (Getty Images)

Lisa Bonet trended on social media over the weekend, though it was not because of a new soundbite from the celebrity or that the actress was cast in a new role.

Fans heaped praise at the Cosby Show cast member for her taste in men, and it all began with posts to Instagram and Twitter from her ex-husband, platinum-selling musician Lenny Kravitz.

Kravitz on Saturday shared a photo with his nearly 8 million followers on the platforms wishing actor Jason Mamoa, Bonet’s current husband, a happy birthday, followed by the message: “One family. One love.”

The post features a monochromatic photograph of the two men together.

Mamoa, the lead man in Aquaman, replied: “Love you ohana. Miss u.”

“Ohana” is a Hawaiian term for “family.”

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Bonet, 52, was married to the four-time Grammy-winner from 1987 to 1993. Together, they had one daughter, actress Zoe Kravitz. The star of A Different World has been with Mamoa since 2007. They officially tied the knot in 2017 and share two children.

Although Bonet and Kravitz divorced nearly three decades ago, Kravitz expressed in the past that he considers Mamoa family to him as he and Bonet maintained a close friendship.

“When we’re all together now, her man, [their] kids, Zoe, me, we’re all together and we’re one big, happy family,” Kravitz once said during a 2013 episode of Oprah’s Masterclass. “It’s beautiful and it just shows you what can be done.”

With the post, Twitter went into a frenzy with praise for Bonet for marrying two good-looking men.

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Many want to know what her secret is so they can have the same fortune:

Others have contended that it’s Kravitz and Mamoa who are the fortunate ones:

Many also celebrated Kravitz’s and Mamoa’s successful blended-family dynamic.

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