Florida man swings from front of truck for 9 miles in bizarre video

The unidentified man cracked the windshield with his hands and with his forehead, as he dangled off of the tractor trailer

A video of a Florida man dangling off of the hood of a moving tractor trailer, yelling to other cars as they passed him on the road to “call the police,” has gone viral.

The cellphone-shot video captured only a portion of the unbelievable incident, that easily could have been scripted as a high-speed car chase in a Hollywood action film.

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According to a press statement by the Florida Highway Patrol the man, who can be seen wearing only a t-shirt and pair of grey underwear, was a part of an earlier incident.

While the public does not know the man’s name, it has been revealed that he was driving his car and later stopped on the southbound exit in Boynton Beach. An individual, who was in the car with him, noted that the driver “began acting strange.”

The driver got outside of his vehicle and walked on the opposite lane to cause slow down on traffic, The Sun Sentinel reported.

He then allegedly jumped on the hood of the tractor trailer and attempted to punch the tractor driver through his windshield.

“[He] began striking the windshield with his hands,” The Sentinel reported.

“He was banging on the windshield with his hands, and with his forehead,” Florida Highway Patrol lieutenant Yanko Reyes said.

 The driver of the tractor trailer was “pretty much freaked out,” but insisted on driving.

The tractor trailer carried the man in his underwear for nine miles on the i-95 highway.

There were at least six cracks on the tractor trailer’s windshield before a Florida Highway Patrol officer stopped the truck and arrested the man.

Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada reports that the driver of the tractor trailer is unharmed.

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The unidentified Florida man had his hands and forehead bloody from punching and head-butting the windshield, and he is being treated at the Wellington Regional Hospital for a 72 hour period of evaluation under the state’s Baker Act.

The Baker Act, the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, is the institutionalization and examination of an individual without the person’s consent or permission.

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