Macy Gray dishes on non-profit organization My Good that supports families of police brutality victims

The singer is working to make difference through her new initiative

Macy Gray
(Credit: Giuliano Bekor )

Award-winning singer Macy Gray launched a non-profit organization, My Good, to help aid the families of police brutality.

Gray stopped by theGrio to discuss the organization and continue to shed light on the many families that have been impacted by unnecessary violence from the police. 

“My Good is a new charity, and what we do is we support the families of victims of police killings,” she explained. “A lot people, you know, you hear about police shootings, but people forget about what the families go through after–the grief and, you know, mental health issues, huge financial burdens. So we’re there for particularly those families.”

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Sadly, many of these police shootings do not result in justice for the victim or their families. Gray’s target is to be there for those families and provide them with as much help as possible. Since launching the non-profit just over a month ago, the reception has been great and Gray is process of building partnerships with other organizations.  

“We get a great response from people from all over the place, all walks of life, just wanting to be there and support,” Gray said. “A lot of people in the mental health field have reached out to say they want to offer their services for the families, you know, particularly the mothers.  It’s going really well. We’re doing a couple of partnerships with a group called Farmlink, who distribute food to all the food banks around the country.”

My Good provides families with mental health services, financial relief and advocacy against laws that influence violence. Gray opened up about why she chose to include financial relief within the foundation.

“One of the moms was telling me how she borrowed money to pay for the funeral, but she didn’t have money to buy the pallbearers’ suits,” the singer shared. “She wanted her son’s friends to have nice suits for his funeral, and just a little things that you might not think of.” 

Gray went on to share some of the bills that families may have to pay out of pocket, such as hospital bills, tow trucks, legal bills and more. 

“People think, ‘Oh, they get these huge settlements,’ but 99 percent of them don’t. [Even] then thats a 2 to 3 year battle. So, its just an impossible thing to deal with,” she explained.

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My Good had its first fundraiser on Richard Weitz and Demi Weitz‘s Quarantunes, where they were able to raise $10,000 in 10 minutes, and are continuing to find ways to raise money. 

Donations to My Good can be made through their website,, or Facebook page.  All donations made are tax exempt in the U.S. To learn more about the organization and how you can support you can visit

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